1. What are the basics of userChromeJS?

Please see the README.txt file.

2. Why doesn't a script change take effect on restart?

Gecko has a javascript cache, which is not automatically cleared across restarts. To clear the cache when restarting, add a -purgecaches flag to the executable commandline, ie firefox.exe -purgecaches.

3. Overlays don't seem to overlay, what can be done?

The same restarts may allow multiple overlays to load at some times, and fail at other times. If this is happening, you may tweak the delay values to get a rather hacky serialization. If using import with a folder containing .xul files, set loadOverlayDelay to a higher value (default is 500 milliseconds). If using multiple import statements, set loadOverlayDelayIncr higher (default is 1600 milliseconds - 1.6 seconds). The javascript, eg, is simply:

userChrome.loadOverlayDelayIncr = 2000;
userChrome.import("scripts/myOverlay1.xul", "UChrm");
userChrome.import("scripts/myOverlay2.xul", "UChrm");

NOTE: It's better to use either the multiple import files method OR all .xul files in a folder method and not mix/match.

4. How about a nice repository and collection of scripts/overlays, like Stylish or Greasemonkey?

Yes, it sure would be nice if someone built that.

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