What's New
  • 2008-12-22: Initial version 1.0 released
  • 2009-05-22: v1.1
  • 2010-07-22: v1.2
  • 2011-02-22: v1.3
  • 2011-08-22: v1.4
  • 2012-01-22: v1.5
  • 2014-08-22: v1.6
  • 2014-10-22: v1.7
  • 2015-08-02: v2.0

userChromeJS allows complete chrome customization when an extension is excessive.

userChromeJS is derived from the original userChrome.js by zeniko. An import function has been added to enable greater flexibility in absolute/relative file management, along with some overlay tweaks. Thanks to zeniko for the original idea; the bug to implement this functionality in core Mozilla is Bug 332529.


userChromeJS v2.0 (Gecko 14+, Fx14+ and Tb14+ and Sm2.11+)

userChromeJS v1.7 (Gecko 2.0, Fx4.0+ and Tb3.3+ and Sm2.1+)


Platform: All OSs.
Applications: Gecko 14 and higher.
Firefox: signed userChromeJS v2.0 required for Fx40 and higher.



Known Issues:


There are only a few console error message strings; localizations welcome.

Support and Questions:

Please read the FAQ before posting to the userChromeJS Mozillazine thread. A collection of useful code snippets may be found here.

Version history:


userChromeJS v2.0: 39741
userChromeJS v1.7: 19183
userChromeJS v1.6: 4419
userChromeJS v1.5: 77670
userChromeJS v1.4: 21519
userChromeJS v1.3: 20217
userChromeJS v1.2: 28057
userChromeJS v1.1: 21335
userChromeJS v1.0: 2894

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